Emergency Lighting Installations

Emergency lighting should operate when power fails, operating automatically to help guide people out of buildings to safety in the event of emergency and to provide quick and easy access to vital safety equipment.

Positioning the right level of emergency lighting in exactly the right places in accordance with Building Regulations and any local authority requirements involves experience and expert knowledge. Braviner Electrical Ltd. has both. We have many years experience designing, installing and maintaining emergency lighting systems to commercial & industrial premises.

We start with a comprehensive site survey & report to determine your needs. From there, we will design and install a system that is tailor-made for your organisation.

Contact us to see how we can help you to meet your emergency lighting legal requirements or to arrange a site survey.

How we work

Initial Contact

From the first moment we speak to our clients we ensure that we understand every aspect of their project needs. Our team will then undertake a site visit to meet our client and produce a list of works...all in coordination with the client, we feel the client must feel comfortable with every step of our process.


We provide a written quotation for every project that we undertake. This ensures that our clients know what service we will be providing, what materials are needed and the timescale that we expect for that particular job. This is an agreement between both client and us which is aimed to give our clients confidence and peace of mind.


After the quotation has been agreed we will book the clients project into our schedule of works. This will be agreed with the client at an early stage and realistic timeframes will have already been discussed so all our clients know what will happen and when. Our team will arrive on site as agreed and undertake electrical works with quality, safety and confidence in mind at all times.